Ok I admit it. I am a dinosaur. I don’t do facebook, I don’t tweet, truth be told I can barely produce a ten word text in under a minute. Just because I am a dinosaur that doesn’t mean I have to go the way of one. Just because I don’t personally participate fully in the electronic world we live in does not mean I cannot appreciate its incredible power to communicate. The same can be said for you as well.

I am of the understanding that close to seventy per cent of the population gets information electronically. The last bastion of “old school “, college football coaches, are even taking to the twitter world to talk to players, fans and recruits. Like it or not, it’s the way things are being done . My best advice to you is, don’t be scared, embrace it.

No longer is it enough to just have a website and feel as if you are reaching the masses adequately. There are many social media avenues that one can take. There is blogging, Youtube, Pintrest, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to mention a few. Each one provides a different tact to reach the same destination.

I know that this may sound like a giant cyber space waste of time, but given the fact that this is the direction communication is taking, you would benefit from going with the flow. There is going to be a message about your community floating around out there. Would it not be better to be in control of that message ? Give this some thought and if you are interested just grab the nearest seventeen year old and get them to explain it to you.