In my previous entry I discussed breaking down communication into three phases. I wrote of the initial phase and the importance of communicating early and often. How establishing clear and open lines of dialogue were essential to establishing a good working relationship.


So many times your facility is bombarded with phone calls inquiring about the therapy status of their loved one. More often than not those calls cannot be answered immediately. If for some reason those calls are not returned within twenty-four hours then you have the opportunity for the relationship to suffer.

When a void or lapse in communication occurs then that void is usually filled with inaccurate or incomplete information and the problem is exacerbated. If there was a way to get timely and accurate information without the “phone call chase” your lives would be much easier.

Functional Pathways has come up with a solution to your problem. RightTrack is a new innovative software for managing and communicating a rehab patient’s progress and outcomes. There are three ways RightTrack can help you.


RightTrack’s easy-to-use software allows therapists and managers to quickly establish patient’s goals and current baseline upon admission. During the course of treatment, therapists will update the improvement of the resident using key functional outcomes that been established for each diagnosis. The key functional outcomes are based on diagnosis, physician, discipline, age group and referring hospital.


RightTrack tracks and updates the progress of residents through an easy to read visual format which educates family members on the resident’s advancement to the established goals. By tracking the patient’s progress by key functional outcomes it promotes safe discharge from rehab to the residents’ home environment. This helps to reduce re-hospitalization rates and extending the average length of stay per resident.


A constant challenge for rehab facilities is to keep families and physicians informed on the patient’s progress. RightTrack makes this remarkably easy. RightTrack allows you to clearly communicate the progress of each resident to physician, hospitals, administrators and to the resident’s family members through automated updates. The automated update is delivered via email and provides individuals a link to the system’s web portal and access to detailed reports and information. These updates will help reduce phone calls and ease concerns of family members while providing facility staff with a tool for better patient care. Once discharged, a final report will be sent to the referring physicians and hospital for follow-up.

All RightTrack communication will be customized with your facility’s logo and information which acts as a powerful marketing tool during ongoing interaction with families, physicians and hospitals during the rehabilitation process.

As you can see Functional Pathways has developed a cutting edge way to track every step of rehabilitation and to be able to effectively communicate progress to the people who need to know.